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Janet V.
Belton, MO
Why did you choose Pella?You provide quality, energy saving, long lasting, beautiful products. Pella has been in business many years, stands by their products and provides excellent customer service.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?I did not have to request a new entry door panel; it was decided by the manager, the installer, staining contractor and Jennifer ordered the new door and set up the next installation.
Tom H.
Leawood, KS
Why did you choose Pella?High quality, professional installation (wanted to be sure our interior wood framing was not damaged); reasonable price.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?The professionalism and expertise of the installation team: two doors installed in a single day; looked great
Ashley U.
Independence, MO
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?The door lock broke off in the technicians hand during inspection, and the screen would not latch or lock properly. The security of the door is a big concern for me. I contacted Pella to have a technician come out and service the lock. That technician was able to get the door to latch, but stated there is an issue with the screen, and he did not feel the screen door was installed correctly. Stated someone would contact us, but we have not heard from anyone.
Mary B.
Kansas City, MO
Why did you choose Pella?Thought you had better quality. How wrong I was.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Friendly to get sale. Dumped after that.
Robert W.
Overland Park, KS
Why did you choose Pella?quality
Janet R.
Leawood, KS
Why did you choose Pella?Waited for a sale. Had Pella Windows installed previously in another room.
Chris L.
Bonner Springs, KS
Why did you choose Pella?good quality products, good service, quality installation, good warranty
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?not really
Robert H.
Kansas City, MO
Why did you choose Pella?my mother purchased Pella and liked the products.
Josh S.
Kansas City, MO
Why did you choose Pella?One of my customers is a Pella Sales rep and I wanted to purchase products and services from his company to thank him for purchasing our services and I believed Pella would provide me with an excellent product and installation that would minimize the hassle to have the windows replaced on my part. I am an extremely busy person that doesn't have time to babysit a project to make sure it is done properly. I assumed Pella would be a sure bet on completing the project quickly and effortlessly.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?The windows are high quality. The installation was poorly executed.
Dan R.
Parkville, MO
Why did you choose Pella?Its pella
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