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Sally D.
Overland Park, KS
Why did you choose Pella?We loved our sales person... no pressure sales! Pella did not require both me and my husband to be present for the sale. Another company would not even come to my house unless we were both present... so insulting!
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?It all happened without a hitch! Great home improvement experience!
James D.
Kansas City, MO
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Customer service should have called me to see if I was satisfied with everything.
Reis G.
Leawood, KS
Why did you choose Pella?We were familiar with Pella windows since a house we owned had Pella windows and door.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Everyone involved, from the sales person to the installation crew, was extremely professional and polite. The installation crew did a fantastic job cleaning up, from removing the old windows, to cleaning bits and pieces up off the grounds and cleaning the windows (inside and out). That service was very appreciated.
Karen L.
De Soto, KS
Why did you choose Pella?Cost was less than Anderson. The only issue is that I wish the windows were slightly darker. At no upcharge, Anderson could get a much darker window for us.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Sales rep was genuine.
Dennis D.
Overland Park, KS
Why did you choose Pella?Replaced 5 Pella windows with 5 Pella windows. Everything was standard and they have a lifetime guarantee verses the 10 year on the 20 year old ones we replaced.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?everyone was exceptionally nice and polite.
Melissa W.
Olathe, KS
Why did you choose Pella?Quality windows for a good price
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Besides the poor experience with Travis the installer we were satisfied with everything else
Marcelo S.
Kansas City, MO
Why did you choose Pella?price and track record
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?the installers were amazing. they were there for 12 hours and got the job completed in one visit.
Diane T.
Overland Park, KS
Why did you choose Pella?I replaced all my previous windows and patio door with Pella products. I like the product, usually have no issues and they last a long time.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Negative- having to wait an additional 2 weeks past installation schedule to have the correct door installed
Celeste S.
Olathe, KS
Why did you choose Pella?Quality, resale value and price.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Overall good, I have one concern on a bedroom window I had trouble closing but I will keep an eye on it to see if it was a one time occurrence
Matthew O.
Olathe, KS
Why did you choose Pella?there was a 4 year payments with your guys credit card and wanted to pay the windows off in a longer time than trying to come up with the money fast
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