Overland Park homeowners know that sliding patio doors are the perfect fit when space is limited. They don’t swing, so they require less floor space. Whether in the kitchen or bedroom, they’re an ideal fit for your home’s style, too. Go for a traditional look with the wide wood panels of the French style or choose contemporary with narrow wood panels and more visible glass.

Pella sliding patio doors have many options to satisfy your desires. Made in multiple product lines, these doors are all highly energy efficient and will fit nearly all budgets.

Key Features

  • Screen1 Door Options – available for Architect Series® and Designer Series® sliding patio doors
    • Sliding Patio Door Rollscreen® Retractable Screens store on their own, which means they roll away and out of sight when you aren’t using them.
    • Self-closing screen doors don’t forget to close itself when someone enters or exits.
  • Interior prefinished options will help you save time and finishing charges. The wood interiors of these sliding patio doors can arrive prefinished in a variety of stain or paint colors.
  • Convenient thumblocks allow for easy one-hand operation. This comes standard on most Pella sliding doors. 
  • Keylocks for the exterior are also available on Architect Series, Designer Series and Pella® 450 Series sliding patio doors.
  • Between-the-glass-grille interior colors are used to accompany today’s most popular interior styles. We have a few different options that you can use alone or mix and match on your Architect Series and Pella® 450 Series sliding patio doors.
  • Snap-in between-the-glass blinds and shades and removable grilles present you with nearly endless style options. Even with triple-pane glass, the door has room for removable grilles or between-the-glass blinds and fabric shades. Only our Designer Series between-the-glass window fashions snap in and out so you can change them any time.


Architect Series®
Architect Series Wood Sliding Patio Door

Architect Series®

Intricately detailed wood patio doors
  • Custom shapes, sizes, grille patterns, exterior colors, and more.
  • French door styling.
  • Pick from several naturally beautiful wood types with fine-furniture detailing.
  • Pella’s most authentic look of individual windowpanes.
  • Outstanding energy efficiency.
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Designer Series®
(Designer Series® 750)
Designer Series Wood Sliding Patio Door

Designer Series®

(Designer Series® 750)

Exclusive snap-in window fashion technology.
  • Exclusive between-the-glass blinds, shades and grilles.
  • French or Contemporary styling.
  • More style choices for you to pick from.
  • The most decorative style choices of any other window and door brand.
  • Window fashions protected between the glass from dust and damage ‒ reducing indoor allergens.
  • Save $101 - $583 each year when replacing single pane windows with Energy Star rated windows.
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Pella® 450 Series
(Pella® 450 Series)
Pella 450 Series Wood Sliding Patio Door

Pella® 450 Series

(Pella® 450 Series)

Beauty of wood at a competitive price
  • Pella’s most popular styles, sizes, features, and options.
  • Contemporary door styling.
  • Choose from distinctive grille types for the look of individual windowpanes.
  • Pella wood craftsmanship at a competitive price.
  • Outstanding energy efficiency.
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Pella® Impervia®
Pella Impervia Fiberglass Sliding Patio Door

Pella® Impervia®

Incredibly strong fiberglass
  • Made with one of the strongest, most durable materials available in windows.
  • Contemporary door styling.
  • Excellent Performance.
  • The quality look of a painted wood window.
  • Exceptional energy efficiency.
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Pella® 350 Series
Pella 350 Series Vinyl Sliding Patio Door

Pella® 350 Series

Distinctive vinyl windows with superior performance
  • Exclusive technology ensures welded corners are virtually invisible.
  • Contemporary door styling.
  • Robust, detailed frame profile.
  • Stronger and more durable than typical vinyl windows.
  • Save up to $101 - $583 each year when replacing single pane windows with Energy Star rated windows.
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Encompass by Pella®
(TermaStar by Pella®)
Encompass by Pella Vinyl Sliding Patio Door

Encompass by Pella®

(TermaStar by Pella®)

Competitively priced, easy-care vinyl
  • Quality craftsmanship backed by Pella.
  • Contemporary door styling.
  • Styles and options to fit most any budget.
  • Low-maintenance vinyl frames never need painting.
  • Outstanding energy efficiency.
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1 Warning: Use caution when children or pets are around open windows and doors. Screens are not designed to retain children or pets.


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